Competition “Short Biography” Information

Competition “Short Biography” Information

Every participant must submit a short biography. This is an important part of your performance experience. AAMS will use the photo and bio in the program for the Winners Concert (just like a Kennedy Center Playbill).

Start the bio with your name, age and your instrument (or voice type).

The biography should focus on your musical background, how long you have played, who your music teacher is, concerts or other contests you have participated in. Also, briefly include other things you are interested in or interesting things about yourself.

The biography should be between 4 to 10 lines, typed neatly, with good grammar and spelling. Parents may help younger students, but everyone is encouraged to do their own.


Mary Jones, 10, has played violin for 5 years. Her teacher is Bob McGreavy.
Mary goes to Edison Elementary, where she has been in the orchestra every
year. Last spring Mary played a violin solo in the school’s spring concert, and last
year was a Second Place winner at the AAMS Year 2005 Violin Competition.
Mary was born in Atlanta, GA, but moved to the DC-area when she was 3 years old.

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