Upcoming AAMS Young Artists Concert.

The year 2022 AAMS interntional Competition winners’ conert will be in-person at the Bethesda Presbyterian Church. The Winners’ Concert will be on Sunday, November 20th, 2022 at 2:30 pm at the Bethesda Presbyterian church in-person. Please write to us for the Zoom link: webmaster @aamsopera.com,

Upcoming AAMS Young Artists Concert in Friday, January 27th 2023, Millennium Stage, Kennedy Center.  Free admission.  We will be presenting incredible young artists along with fantastic college singers.

Upcoming AAMS International Summer Music Institute, Todi, Italy at La Lingua La Vita and Scuola comunale di Music di Todi, June 26th to July 8st, 2023

AAMS was formed in 1993 and incorporated in January 1996.  We run the AAMS International Summer Music Institute, Interntional Music competition, and Bethesda Summer Music Festival.  We are dedicated to the promotion of young artists in opera, musical theater, and chamber music.  We have been performing within the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area and International Stages through the International Summer Music Institute.  AAMS has performing members, regular members, an executive committee and a board of directors representing diverse community members.  AAMS supports APAHC, FAPAC and NAPAW functions, to promote cultural diversity by blending eastern and western styles, and creating opportunities for musicians from all corners of the world.  In previous years,  AAMS produced the world premiere of the Contemporary Opera Lan-Ying, an Art Songs Festival,  and the Chamber Music Festival at the Terrace Theater, Kennedy Center.  Since 2004 AAMS  presented 20 performances  at the Millennium Stage, Kennedy Center.  AAMS also performs at Embassie’s  Information & Culture Centers as well as  at NASA, HUD, CIA, FBI, FDA, NIH, and GSA.  We promote opera and musical theater through the Bethesda Summer Music Festival, in Bethesda, MD and the International Summer Music Institute in Korea, Italy, Luxemburg, Sweden, and Finland.  We hold our annual Piano, String, Woodwind, and Voice Competition on the 4th weekend of October.

We held Young Artists Concert on Saturday, Janaury 29th, 2022 at 6 pm, Millennium Stage, Kennedy Center.

The lecture recital was held on Sunday, May 8th at REACH, Kennedy Center